Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oh, this week....

Ok. Lots of things have happened this week that I could easily brush under the rug and act like they never happened here.... ever.
But they did.

Like gross real life stuff that happens to everyone but no one likes to talk about.

1.We have fleas. Agh! First we had a cat....

     ...and I bought cheap flea meds for him......which didn't work.
     And now I've been spending my mornings vacuuming up the little buggars and spreading (baby          safe) flea-killing powders.
     And Henry has been kicked out and living on the front stoop like a vagabond.

2. Since Henry's been out, little mousy's have come back to play.
    Bring on the poison..... and more vacuuming

3. And the last most pleasantest trial: a seemingly unfixable clogged toilet.
    Have you ever had to go several days with no working toilet in the house?
    Oy vey.
    When stuff like that goes down, it really makes you appreciate having things like flushing toilets.

    But! My husband is awesome and didn't come to bed last night til he fixed it.
    When I got up this morning, miracle of miracles, it flushed!
    What a beautiful thing.

So yea. Just in case you've had real life things go down in your house, you're not alone.
Us too.


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