Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ode to Henry

I don't even want to type this post.
It really sucks.

We had to put our kitty cat Henry down today


The story is:
We/he had fleas.
I posted about that.
So we put him outside.
A couple weeks ago he just disappeared.
Then a few nights ago Adam heard scratching at the front door and it was Henry.
He was really ragged, his tail was completely limp and he was bleeding on his rump.

Adam cleaned him up and tried to make him comfy outside.
A few days went by, Henry seemed to be soaking up some much needed sleep, and it seemed like he was actually going to be ok.

Then today, Henry was roaming  around, and oh gosh, do you want to know this?
Probably not.
But whatever: his tail was almost completely separated from his bum.
We were horrified.
Adam's parents happened to be over so Adam and Chris took him to an emergency vet.

Poor guy.
It was all too far gone.

Adam and I both cried.
We loved that cat.
He was such a good boy.
Seriously the most easy going cat ever.
He would just be putty in anyone hands.

So that's it.

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