Thursday, November 13, 2014

Here Come Jingle Bells

This autumn season sure has flown by.
Light jacket weather was here and gone with this morning promising only a high of 32 degrees for the day.

Since this has been our first year having a kid(s) around I wanted to make sure we made the most of the short lived season.
Back in September I posted a list of things I wanted us to do to enjoy the moments and not let it simply fly by with regret on its tail.

So how'd we do?

Considering our additional family expansion, I'd say we had a super fun season. 
It was busy for sure with normalcies like church, day to day junk, and fluff but we made a point to have fun together and make some good memories with Sweetums and then Peanut. 

Playing in the dirt at a softball game

But we have 2 more weeks before the full on Jingle Bell season is upon us (you don't have your tree up yet do you?) so I'd still like to fit in some leaf play and pie baking. 

Because I know just how fleeting our time will be with these girls, I'll be coming up with a Christmas and Winter list of wanna-do's for sure to help make the most of it. 

Enjoy the your last couple weeks of fall!

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