Thursday, December 11, 2014

Freaky Fast

And I don't mean Jimmy Johns.
I'm talking about Christmas.

How weird is it that Christmas is only TWO WEEKS from today?
Just a second ago I was eating turkey stuffing and wondering how I could contain my excitement for Christmas for a whole 'nother month.

We've got quite a bit of our shopping done but still have a good chunk waiting to be knocked out.
Adam and I have planned a date day to get that finished and fit in some one on one time together at the same time.
Win win.

I've got all those usual little projects that need a little something from that store and another something from that other store.
With 2 babies in tow, it's seems nearly impossible to make those pit stops happen with out loosing my mind.
I have to plan ahead and use my solo time wisely whenever it comes along.

Also as the days tick off, there seems to be more and more events being added to the dwindling days.
This is nothing new.
It happens to your family too.
I'm definitely looking forward to the days here and there where I've claimed as "Home Days"...... days when we stay at home ALL day and stay in our pj's ALL day and will probably end up watching Christmas movies ALL day. :)
Hopefully Adam will be able to join us on a day or two like that when he's not at work.

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