Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Compilation of Untweeted Tweets/ Random Thoughts

-I hate having to put my mom voice on so early in the morning.

- Love telling Sweetums to go play on her own..... and then she actually does.

-My husband--- he is actually the best.

- Dishes done. Bed made. Whites in the washing machine. Floor mopped. Coffee in hand.....even if it has gone cold. A successful Wednesday morning I'd say.

- Now I'll probably waste the afternoon.

- I do baby spam like crazy on Instagram. I'm cool with it.

- Did you know that when John the Baptist was killed and Jesus tried to go away to mourn, people followed Him to where He tried to retreat to? Do you know what He did? He responded with compassion and ended up feeding all 5,000+ of them lunch. I read that in Matthew last night and it keeps coming to my mind today.

- There are a lot of pregnant people in our neck of the woods.

-That's all I have to say about that :)

-Sweetums is adorable. As I type she is just wandering around the living room, perching on different things, trying to put a pair of sunglasses on her feet.

- I need to make being my husband's friend a priority. I've felt that slipping lately as I get caught up in baby/dishes/laundry/exhausted land. That guy is fun. I should hang out with him more :)

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