Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I was planning on making a trip to Goodwill sometime soon to look for a booster seat for Miss Sweetums.
Though I had the babies with me I just went for it today, packed them up, and headed to the biggest of three in our town.

I'm so glad I did because, man, I scored.
For real.
As I boast in my steals and you wonder how I do it (hahaa) keep in mind I spent less than $15.

Found a simple wooden step for $2 and was then 1/2 off. 
I was thrilled with this find because when we start potty training, Sweetums will need this. 
And those shoes.......!

And I almost left without seeing them but took one more cruise through the kids section.
They're like the baddest blue doc-martiny little boots and Sweetums loves 'em!

Next up....

...this beautiful dress. 

Ralph Lauren.
Brand new. 
Tags still on.


Next, less romantic but very necessary....

a booster seat (my initial prey) for $1 and a handy dandy pocket file folder for $0.50. 
Believe it or not, I was actually stoked to find the folder thing. 
I need one to keep some of the girls' placement papers with me plus coupons and other bits.

That chair need some TLC. 
It was ga-ross.
But hey for $1!?
I can throw it in the tub for a good scrub. 


....a comfy fleece sleeper for Peanut. 
I forget the price but I know it was under $2.
It had some ugly wordage from a children's hospital it came from so....

.... nothing a little felt cutout and some thread can't handle. 
FYI, it's an apple. 


Yea. OK. That's it.
But nice right?

I find a ton of stuff for us at Goodwill. 
Our home is easily made up of 72%-ish Goodwill finds.
The same goes for my clothes.
I am ruined for anything close to retail prices. 
If it's not under $10, it's not such a great deal.
I'm kind of kidding but I'm also kind of not. 

If I were to share some tips they would be:
  • Shop often. I go about once a week. You could probably call thrifting my hobby..... or addiction. 
  • Don't be too crazy specific about what you're looking for. Keep some things in mind (like I did for a booster seat) but be prepared to throw it out the window when you find a gorgeous brand spanking new Ralph Lauren dress for $6! 
  • Get in there. Dig through piles, push clothes around on a stuffed rack, go back to that section another time. You never now what gem you might miss. 
  • At the same time, now when to stand back and scan. If shelves and bins are just nuts, stand back and scan back and forth, up and down. It's a lot less exhausting and your eye will be drawn to things that catch your interest. Then take a closer look.
  • Set a flexible budget. I could have spent $100 today with all the things that I actually picked up and really liked but I didn't have $100 to spend today. I also could have walked out with only a booster seat and $1 poorer. Set a budget but if you find a one of a kind steal, you might have to negotiate with yourself a bit. 
  • Keep your standards high. There's so much stuff and you might walk away with nothing sometimes, but even if it's cheap it's still costing you actual money that you actually worked for. Don't throw your $$$ away on junk is what I'm trying to say. People say I find such great stuff but I say it's because I don't pay for junk. Look for good fabrics, well made shoes, sturdy furniture.....
  • Think about how you can change a piece to make it "perfect". For example, I liked that sleeper I bought for Peanut but I hated the hospital logo thing. I new I could easily cover that up with a simple patch. Lots of things just need a stitch, a new coat of paint, different buttons, or a good scrubbing. If something has grabbed your attention but there's minor detail you don't like, think about it. Some creativity might just kick in.  
  • Enjoy it! Don't worry about the dirt and grime. You can wash your hands later (don't touch your face or anything before that though:). Everything's cheap and your just around the corner from your favorite "new" pair of shoes or a new set of antique dinner ware. You never know! That's what I love. 
Sorry for so many words, but I hope they're all helpful. :)

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