Monday, January 5, 2015

A New List

A new year = a new wanna-do list with littles and my man. 
Making these lists (and making them pa-retty of course) helps me focus and enjoy the moments with the ones I love most. 

It also gives me things to write about on this space ;)
I can only write and you can only read so many posts about the mountains of laundry and dishes that go through this house. 

Now on to the fun stuff....

We have a local donut shop called Square Donuts that makes the BEST, seriously, the best donuts. 
Better than Krispy Cream. Better than  Dunkin Donuts. 
I think my craving for them is constant but I never let myself eat any because they are like crack. 
No joke. 
But I think maybe going out and bringing some home on a snowy morning before everyone wakes up sounds perfect

Making time for a small getaway for the man and I sounds perfect. 
Not only is it more important now than ever before, but it's also more challenging. 
So we'll see how that one plays out. 

Another big one is visiting the big Children's Museum in Indianapolis.
As a foster family, we get free admission so it's just a must in my book. 
Especially when the cabin fever starts kicking in. 

All the other little thing like sleeping in, making time for friends, making decorations for valentine's day, and eating snow are just ways to add a little spice. 

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