Monday, February 9, 2015

The Week That Kicked My Butt

That about sums up last week.
On the front end was caring for 2 sick babies, right in the middle was ruining my new phone, and the whole end was being sick with the stomach flu myself.
Adam was sick too with awful congestion and restlessness at night.

After pushing myself too hard on Friday thinking I had gotten over Thursday's episodes of throwing up, I was even worse on Saturday. :(

I will spare you the details.

Adam took one for the team and cared for the girls all day while I stayed in bed the whole of Saturday.
It was just what I needed
But what is with the guilt that comes along with taking that kind of time and leaving it all up to him?
Adam was completely sweet, gracious, and capable.
But for some silly reason I just kept feeling like I was slobbing around and not doing my job.
At the same time I wanted to take the day to truly get over whatever was invading my digestive system and get back on track.

Being a mom is weird.
So many conflicting emotions.
Even when I am truly down and out, I feel like I should be up and going.
Is that pride talking lying?

Sunday shone a bit brighter though.
I felt SO much better and we all clicked back into place.

After such a rough week, I've done my best to plan a more upbeat week for us all with a group playdate at our house on Tuesday, going to Adam's basketball game, an afternoon in the mall's play area, and Valentine's day fun this weekend.

Here's to brighter, HEALTHIER days. :)

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