Wednesday, February 4, 2015

An Early Bedtime Kind of Day

What a day.
It hasn't been the worst of days but..... it's been a hard one.

Sweetums has been a little off since Sunday when she randomly threw up.
She's had little to no appetite.
Than she had blow out diarrhea yesterday and twice today. :(

On top of that she and Peanut both have colds.

Peanut has been so fussy all day.
She hates having her nose wiped and cry-screams each time I have to do it. Double :(

I declared today a movie day while I held one, then the other, and sometimes both.
Everyone took full advantage of naptimes which was good.
But after feeding Peanut when she woke up, she promptly threw up all over me and the blanket I had over my lap. :(

After stripping her and cleaning her up, I gathered up all the mess including the blanket and threw it in the washing machine.
It wasn't long before I needed my phone.
After looking for a few minutes, dread hit me.

"It's in the washing machine."

Sure enough, I stopped the cycle and thrust my hand into the cold, soapy water to finally find it at the bottom.
I had had it on my lap while feeding Peanut and forgot about it in the uproar.
So much crap!

All I could do was take it apart, towel it off as much as possible, cover it in rice, and hope Adam bought a warranty on it.

Since then, the girls and I have just zoned off in Netflix land while wiping noses and eating whatever sounds good to Sweetums......which isn't much.


There will be days like these I guess.
So this day will end with an early bedtime and hope that tomorrow will be better.

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