Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Walls of Skin

We have lived in our rental for, mmmm, about 5 years now.
It'll be 5 years June 1.
Kinda hard to believe.

This place has been awesome for us.
But it was always meant to be temporary.
And, Lord willing, we still don't intend on staying here much longer....

But it's been 5 years.
And since day 1..... I have had a strong dislike for the floor to ceiling beige that is our living room.
Plus we added our own practical beige furniture.
It's alotta beige.

I call them our walls of skin.
I know.
But that's what I think when I look at them!
That's why I am lobby-ing to paint them.

Yea. Adam isn't exactly on board with the plan.
But not only do I think an update would work in our favor when we move on, it is also an investment in his wife's mental health.

Here's what I am loosely envisioning...

I think gray with white trim would be perfect.
It would be enough of a change for me and it's a popular neutral right now that whoever lives here after us will most likely be cool with it, especially our landlord.

A light gray is probably the shade we would go with too.
If this place was ours, something more dramatic would be awesome.
Better safe than sorry though I think in this case.

So Adam, if you're reading this, what do you think?
Let's get coffee and chat :)

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