Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What We Did This Winter

I made a wanna-do list for us back in January.
This winter (as all the other seasons so far) has flown by!
I really can't believe we're already on to spring.
Believe me, I'm not complaining, but goodness!
Time DOES fly when you're having fun.

We didn't do as much in the snow as I thought we might.
Turns out babies and snow don't mix well.
Alright by me :)

We did get square donuts and they were delicious!

Adam and I went away with friends for a weekend back in February.
We made a stop at IKEA (love that place) and went to Cedarville, Oh for a worship leaders conference.
It was so fun to be just a couple together.
Definitely a nice breather from family/foster life.

Then in early March we were able to go to a concert with another couple.

When Valentine's day came, though we didn't make a garland, we hung a few up and decorated.
Plus there were pink chocolate chip pancakes the morning of :)

One night we had breakfast for dinner, biscuits and gravy to be exact.

This recipe was yummy and simple. 

Just a few weeks ago, we made it to the children's museum.

It was a blast and we will definitely be returning soon. 

Last but certainly not least, these people slept in!
I could say that that is a skill Adam and I have worked to develop in our girls.
We are late night/late morning people and proud of it :)

Making a family work is hard work but it is so fun.
This year so far has been one of the most extraordinary, pleasurable, challenging years of my life.
I hope it never ends.

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