Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Let's start with the obvious...

...We moved!

On June 27th (which also happened to be our 6th anniversary!) we moved from our rental house of 5 years into our new house.

We had so many wonderful friends and family come to help us!
No joke, it took everyone 1 hour to move everything we had from one house to the other.
As soon as one pickup truck was full, someone else would show up to help with another truck.
So awesome.
And because another friend was watching our girls, me and my helpers were able to put away quite a lot and made the place feel relatively settled immediately.

Later that evening, Adam and I went out to celebrate our anniversary and revel in the day together.

Then we headed home to spend our first night in our new home. 

I don't think a moving day has ever gone any better.
On top of the wonderful help, the weather was gorgeous and sunny but cool.
So much better than the humid, rainy days of the entire week before.

It's been such a great first month here.
I can't wait to share more pictures here soon.

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