Friday, July 24, 2015

Birthday Baby

Two weeks after moving into our new home we had a birthday to celebrate.
Not just any birthday though!

Peanut was turning 1!

How does an entire year pass like that?!

Well we embraced reality and threw a party for our baby girl. 

All of Peanut's girl cousins commenting on her eating her cupcake. 

This was the first time our house got to be so full. 
It was great!

As of her birthday, Peanut was not quite walking yet. 
She is standing and taking shaky steps though. 
She eats all table food and had her last bottle of formula on July 1st. 

She loves taking baths and going swimming.....but only if someone is holding her the whole time. 
She despises her floaty.
She growls, says "uh-oh!" and mama.
Her bangs hang in her eyes.
Peanut likes kitties, doggies, and babies and squeal/screams when she sees any one of those three. 

She is sweet and sometimes gets her feelings hurt like if you tell her no.
She gives sloppy, open mouth kisses and likes to climb on your head if you lay horizontal.

She is a shimmery girl and we love her lots. 

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