Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Up to My Eyeballs


Our days have been so incredibly full.
This summer is going to be the death of me I think.

I have never been so busy and so well used by the end of each day like I am these days.

The pace of life felt like it definitely picked up about the time we started looking at houses to buy.
Then once we closed on the house on June 6th, life just kicked into hyper drive.

June was:
- beginning to watch a friend's daughter everyday for the summer
-making our new house livable

-packing/living out of boxes

-preparing for our youth group's church camp
-finally moving
-caring for a toddler + infant (bringing them to Dr. visits, parent visits, scheduling check ins, WIC appointments....)

July has been:
- unpacking/ living out of boxes
- continuing to care for our friend's daughter

- youth group to camp
-celebrating Peanut's 1st birthday
- our church's day camp for 3 weeks, 3 days per week

- spending as much time as we can with family who are visiting for the month

- finishing up painting in our house
- caring for a toddler + infant
- learning that our senior pastor is moving on into another position elsewhere

Oy vey.

What a summer.

August looks like:
- me turning 25!
- our family who is visiting will be returning home
- we will be saying goodbye to our senior pastor and his family who we are very close to
- we will see how our church responds.
- Our friend's daughter will go back to school
- We will continue to prepare for unspoken, inevitable changes to our family

I think I've said before that once I get past celebrating my birthday for the year, I just kind of want to fast forward into autumn.
That is even more true this year as autumn looks more like a time of winding down and less hectic days.
Maybe I'm wrong.
From from this vantage point, it's what I'm pulling for.

This summer had made my heart so full everyday, some days I really could just burst.
There have been many days recently where I am just overflowing with graitiude and awe at the God who let's me have all the things He does.
Both the things that challenge me and the things that soothe me.
What a summer it's been.
And truth be told, it's not nearly over yet.

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