Monday, August 3, 2015

Loving On Our Backyard

One of our favorite things about our new house is the great back yard that came with it. 
But crazy enough, we've spent hardly any time out there since moving in.
(Busy July, remember?)

But this afternoon, after Adam mowed, the girls and I went out so they could play.
I pulled out the yard toys and filled up their water table. 
It was great!

One of my main concerns before was that they would get into a patch of poison ivy in the yard.
But they never went near thank goodness.

While they played I put up some string lights, hung some hooks to hold citronella candles, and cleared out junk.
Just made the space pa-ritty.  

Look at all this great, FENCED IN space!

We need people over. 

Peanut got a yellow wooden swing for her birthday so we need hang that up.
This fall we plan on pulling out a lot of overgrown bushes and getting rid of what poison ivy there is.
Doing that will nearly double the lawn space.

Then next summer we would like to put a lot of focus on just making it a pretty and functional space for groups of people.
I see power washing in our future. 

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