Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Staying Stretchy

This is a motherhood post.
And a Jesus lover post.

Without much notice I became a mother of two and, for this summer, the daily caretaker of a 7 year old.
I spend the bulk of my days strategizing nap times versus chores versus my sanity.
I try to get those three things lined up daily so we have the best days *possible* (which doesn't always mean they're great)
My mind is also usually consumed with the constant training of little ones and keeping my own self-control.....controlled.
My days can easily be filled with the little (though highly valuable) drudgeries of daily life with little people.

Does that get through?

Have I hit some common ground with you?

But sometimes I know I need to stretch it out.
I need to push my mind to further limits and think outside of teething and settling disputes.
I need to think about God.
I need to think about my husband.
I need to think about healing that troubled relationship or encouraging a budding one.
I need to try some new yoga or consider maybe finally getting into some kind of cardio routine possibly maybe.
I need to read something that has nothing to do with the workings of my house and also something that challenges me to fill my house with greater love.
I need to watch a video about a 2 minute updo.

I just need to stay stretchy.

That's something that this online space helps me to do.
Just to feel out the thoughts, put them to words, and see if one friend or another has some input.
It's like a good hip opener.

Oh please don't get me wrong.
Being a momma and caretaker is immeasurably fulfilling and beautiful and challenging.
But it's just not all that I am or should be.

It's wonderful that Christ sets the calling on my life very high and walks with me to accomplish it.
He has to remind me every now and then that what fills my eyes is not all there is to be seen.

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  1. Ah balance! I'm so working on that too, knowing how to be productive, serving, and yet have quite moments to relax and be challenged in personal endeavors.