Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Clear Out

This past weekend dawned chilly. 
The highs this week will still reach the 80s but the mornings and evenings are beginning to grow very chilly. 
Since I was starting to dig into the girls' out-of-season clothing, I decided it was time to just jump on the big seasonal change out before I got the chance to procrastinate. 

 Firstly I pulled out all of the strictly warm weather stuff: sandals, tank tops, really thin summer dresses, and summer pj's.
I left things like thin leggings and t-shirts for layering while the weather is still back and forth.

As I went through I put things in a pile that both girls had outgrown (or would by next summer) and anything I just didn't love.

Next I pulled out their out of season totes.
We each have a 10-gallon tote from Walmart for that purpose that looks like this....

     Sterilite 10 Gallon Tote- Steel (Available in Case of 9 or Single Unit)
After taking the warm weather stuff out and putting the cold weather stuff in, I did a once through the toys and pulled out anything that was old news or broken.

Everything that was pulled out and not tucked into storage is off to find new homes this weekend.

I'm helping at a kids clothing swap this weekend and I am stoked!
I love getting rid of what we don't need or want and meeting our needs (and maybe even our wants) for free!

Now I need to do all this with my stuff.
Joy. (not so much)

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