Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Kid On The Block


Where do I begin....

I'll begin with the last 2 weeks.
Nearly two weeks ago, on a Wednesday, our girls' birthmom was due with a new baby.
Fast forward nearly a week.
So one week ago, on a Tuesday, she gave birth to our girls' new baby brother.

I know right.

So wonderful.
So crazy.

We have known and have been preparing for this new little one for the past 6 months.
We had no idea though for sure that we would get him until this past friday, 3 days after he was born.

Oh man.

After all that time and preparation and waiting and trying to keep our hearts on the right track, we were informed that he would be placed with us upon being released from the hospital.

I can't even begin to describe how knotted my stomach was all week waiting to know what would happen with this dear one.
I can't describe the opposing emotions twisted together like a rope around my heart for the whole situation.
Overwhelming joy, sorrow for his mother, optimism, fear of the logistics of caring for 3 under 3 daily, relief, gratitude,.... the list could go on.

But it happened.
Last night, I went to the hospital to meet our guy and bring him home...

....and just like that, the permanent knot that used to be my stomach unfurled and....peace.

Our first night home was splendid by newborn standards. :)
Since he was in the hospital for about a week he's already used to a feeding schedule.
That helped things be a little more predictable.

So in love.
Praise God.

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