Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bedroom Shuffle

We've been living in our new house for nearly four months now and I've yet to share some pictures of the place.

Life has been crazy though and it's just usually just not that pretty.
I know, I know everyone's got dirty laundry and dishes and I'm not one to make life look like a magazine but..... a lady has her pride.
I was able to get some home alone time to tidy up and take some shots.

Keep in mind I used the panoramic setting so they are a bit blurry.

This is the main living space...

We'll be putting our TV up on the wall and then surrounding it with shelving. 

 ..and then into the dining area....

....which leads into the kitchen.

 This is our only full bath....

We also have a 1/2 bath of the kitchen. 

Moving on to the bedroom situation: This is how our bedrooms were at the beginning of the week....

We had the kids in the biggest room. 
The idea was that all three of the kids would be in here and
 we could use one of the 3 bedrooms as a guest room/office.

Adam and I were in one of the 2 smaller bedrooms. 

This is the 3rd bedroom.
It had the futon, Adam's office, and our laundry behind the curtain.

This just wasn't great. 
Though we have a heart for hospitality and making sure we have a comfortable spot for guests, it was becoming apparent that the arrangement we had settled on wasn't going to work long term.


Adam and I moved into the biggest room.
We set up his desk in our room so he would still have a quiet place to work if he needed. 

The girls are now in the room we were sleeping in. 
Sweetums moved up to a bed (the futon from the "guest" room)
 and we were able to put her crib in the 3rd bedroom. 

We got those two rooms settled but the 3rd room is still a wreck. 
It needs a new paint job, random stuff to find homes in other rooms, and a general pretty-fying. 
We've got some time though till Pumpkin will be ready to be in there on his own. 

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