Friday, October 16, 2015

4 Years Going

I know.
It's been two weeks since I posted anything.
I keep meaning to.
And I've actually written begun to write a few posts.

But I just don't feel right about anything I'm putting to words.
My photos aren't great.
I feel like I'm writing in circles and getting redundant.

I've been writing in this space since September 21, 2011.
You can see that post here.....
That was four years ago.
Oh and it was so baaaaaaad in the beginning.........the tiny little stolen photos.... ha.

And so much has changed since September 21, 2011.
I cried a little reading that first post and seeing now how God has worked in our lives in these four years.
It's nuts.

I really can't imagine ending this blog but.... if God wants me to keep writing and if He wants to somehow use this silly space for His glory, I am praying for some renewed vision.
I have always been afraid of my writing becoming narcissistic and self serving.

What I really want is to tell a story of how God is creating life in us where there would be none if it weren't for Him.

He has generously given me the roles of wife, helper, homemaker, mama, friend, servant, and sometimes artist.
I hope this space only continues to show that it is not truly I who fulfill those callings, but Him.
I may put up cute pictures of our baby blessings or share stories of recent events, but I hope my readers (even if they are few and far between) only see the grace God has lavished on this family of sinners.
And more importantly, that those readers have full access to that same, abundant grace.

I will continue to be silent here unless He gives me something to say whether that be as small as a home update or as moving as a truth from His word.
I dedicate this blog to Him as one more place for Him to speak to you. 

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  1. Oh Kensie... always, always follow what God is laying on your heart! But please, keep writing your blog! Even if your posts are few and far in between. ( I have sometimes gone a year inbewtween posts! Or more!) Even if you decide to not write anymore, don't delete your blog so I can reread things!

    I don't just enjoy reading it, but you're inspiring. It's not your writing, or your art or projects that inspire me most (Though all those things inspire me very greatly!) but it's your heart. You simply strive to be content in the season that God has you in, as you prayerfully pray about whatever God has for you next. ( Like in this blog post! :)
    You're writing is frank, open and honest. Relatable. Real.

    Plus, I feel like our blogs are so much of our friendship! I love popping in to see what you are up too. I like updating Daniel and the fam on how you all are :) I know we have email though, and phones, so there are other ways to connect. But I know I sure would miss you if you got rid of your blog.