Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Photo Book 2015!!!

Every year for the last 4 years I've put together a photo book for us.
I recently received our 2015 book in the mail and I would love to share it here :)

What a huge, beautiful year!

It's nice to dedicate the first page to summarizing the year and noting how we saw God move.
I also included Psalm 13: 5 & 6 at the bottom of the page. 
This was a verse that really helped carry me through this year and 
reminded me to trust the Lord with every new wave. 

There's so many pages I really want to post all over the place here but we still have to protect the privacy of our kids.

Some of the highlights of 2015 included buying our house and bringing home Pumpkin of course.
But watching our girls grow and change through the year was always a treat.
Family coming in from out of town and ministry events being successful was always encouraging.
Just good stuff.

I had so much fun with Adam learning and growing and getting challenged hard together.
There were so many deep, rich (not necessarily always sweet) times together.

There were also numerous losses.
Several friends passed and a whole family who was very dear to our family and our church moved.

But, praise God, He brought us through with fuller hearts and fuller arms and fuller spirits.

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