Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Washed Out

Maybe it's just my need for peace, calm, and quite lately but I'm seeing my interior design preferences making a shift.
I've always preferred the weird, ecclectic, and off-beat.
Though I'm still all for the off-beat, my preferences are leaning towards more subdued and neutral.
At times I literally say my eyes are too full!
Little children with large messes, clutter cluttering up when I just put it all away, another basket of laundry to fold, and busy times all around mean I am simply ready to embrace tranquility where I can find it.

So when I see pictures of interiors that are full of textures and patterns but very little color, I'm like "ahhhhhhhh........"

Every single one. 

This new tendency has already been filling our house without me really intending it to.  
The walls are gray, the furniture is subdued, my chotchkies are streamlined.
Sure there are the kids toys scattered and patterned blankets and pillows tossed around but the foundation is chill.
I am very ok with that. 
I think I might be making it a personal project to really drive this look home.

Comfy, interesting but mainly neutral, touchable. 

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