Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A List of Things I ACTUALLY Used With My Babies

I think of myself as a bit of a soft minimalist.
If I wont use it within the next year, don't like the way it works or looks, have outgrown it, or don't have a place for it-----its a goner.

It's been no different with baby stuff.
In this 21st century, American culture baby items are never ending.
There are so many rules and expectations, moms can feel the pressure to give their baby the "best".
But I don't think the best of anything has much to do with materialism.

Some of the things on this list meet actual needs, others just make life easier. :)

This is what we ACTUALLY used.....

- rock and play sleeper (borrowed)
-crib + mattress + 2 fitted sheets
- handful of blankets of varying thicknesses
- 2 zip up wearable blankets
- mesh crib bumper
- fan = white noise

-2 bottles (wash after each use)
-dish soap
- formula
- travel container with compartments for easy mixing
- tap water
- microwave
- small spoons (when they began eating baby food)
- handful of bibs/burp cloths

- handful of onsies in each size from newborn through 12 months
- handful of pants in each size
- 10-15 pairs of socks that doubled as hand covers to protect from scratching
- a tie on hat or bonnet
- handful of footed sleepers for each size
- jacket + sweater for 6+ months

- jogger stroller = all terrain
- car seat
- warm car seat cover during winter months
- makeup bag with some wipes, a few diapers, teething tablets, small toy

- baby shampoo
- regular wash cloth
- saline spray + nose sucker bulb thing
- wipes
- diapers
- q-tips
- comb

- a few toys
- bumbo seat (borrowed)
- space saver high chair seat
- simple baby gym
- jumper thing for doorway
- pack in play
- ergo carrier

This is it.
Everything gets used nearly daily, depending on the stage of the baby.
There is very little clutter which helps cut back on object management.....a job I despise.

The only things I keep doubles or multiples of are things that need to be switched out while one is washed.
Everything else, you really only need one.

Some popular items that I never needed.....
- bottle warmer
- wipe warmer
- crib set
- baby bath tub (used sink until they were sitting)
- special outfits
- swaddler
- diaper rash paste
-baby powder or lotion

Of course every mom and child is different.
Your needs will be different.
But this is just my experience, and as mom chat, could maybe be used as a launch point.

Baby stuff is so cute and it seems like you have to buy soooooo much all at once.
It can be overwhelming.

I have to say looking at this list, I'm just reminded of how graciously God has provided for us.
Most of the things on this list were given to us, gifted to us, or gotten very inexpensively.
The most expensive thing on this list was the crib we got from IKEA for $70.
Even then, someone gave us a mattress.

Ask around, be patient, visit Goodwill.
Babies mainly need somewhere safe to sleep, to be fed, a safe way to travel, clothing, and love.

Bonus: My favorite mom tip is to travel lightly. As I mentioned in the travel section, I pack an old makeup case with the bare essentials. This I throw it into my regular purse and that is my entire diaper bag situation. With three little kids all in diapers until very recently, it was just too much to carry them and lug around a diaper bag stocked to the brim. I know it can feel risky to to not feel prepared at all times for all possibilities, but this *tiny* risk has saved my back and it's never really been an issue. I do keep my car stocked with extra necessary bits and helpful extras just in case. 

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