Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Daily These Days

The daily routine.

It is such a necessary part of life with little kids.
Since little, little kids have no way of telling time, having a predictable pattern is advice I took to heart early and have leaned on continually.
It truly does give them an automatic framework for each day yet enough room for spontaneity.
Well..... as much spontaneity as you can have with two toddlers and a baby, all of which are wards of the state :D
As the seasons change within our walls (sleep needs, eating patterns, more independence, adding new members) the routine has morphed and evolved countless times within just two years.

Today this is what our routine looks like with an almost 3 year old, a 21 month old, and a 7 month old in tow (don't forget the 29 year old dad and 25 year old mom)....

8-9 everybody up, potty, change diapers, eat breakfast
9  playtime or get dressed to go out
10 nap for our youngest
12-1 lunch time, watch a cartoon (these days the little ladies only want to watch Sofia the                         First....gah)
1  nap time for all, everyone sleeps in separate rooms. I get my absolutely necessary quiet time. If            anyone makes a peep, they should have a very good reason.
3 everybody up, snack time for all
3:30-5 playtime til daddy gets home
5 daddy home (usually), I start dinner
6-7:30 dinner, baths if needed, bed. Sometimes we'll put this off to watch something together or play outside

This routine flows so well.
The only thing I tend to be adamant about is nap time at some point in the day.
I need it to be a rested, cheerful person.
They need a break from everyone else too and to keep up with their growing bodies and brains.

So this is us today.
Give us a season.
It'll change too fast.

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