Tuesday, April 5, 2016


This is the year of outdoor overhauling at our house.
Last year was consumed by updating the innards, moving in, and getting settled.

Then of course winter came on consuming all daylight by 5 pm and making us complete couch potatoes.

Now that the sun has returned with warmer days, my juices are flowing planning what we can do with our outdoor spaces.

Adam has jumped in with both hands and plus a saw clearing out all the overgrown bushes and limbs that cut our back yard nearly in half.
He's done a great job of getting us closer to a clean canvas.

All along this back chain link fence I think we would like to plant some lemongrass which will give us some needed privacy and it's naturally mosquito repelling.

The front of the house is also in major need of some love.

Our to-do's here include:
-repainting the front door and garage doors, maybe something like this......
-planting three spherical boxwood bushes in the large raised planter in front of the huge windows
- creating 2 flower beds in front of the other two sets of windows and planting a flowering bush in each.
- add copper accents here and there (copper porch light, copper walkway lights, copper house number, wherever we can fit in copper.)

Here is a VERY rough image of what's in my head (and yes I still use paint on occasion)...

Eventually down the road we would like to have the driveway redone.
It's in pretty rough condition.

Also, off our kitchen in the back is this poor porch...

We like the idea of tearing that down and creating a big patio with pavers or even stone.
To the left in this picture is a very old patio that could use some help too.
A big, built in fire pit would be pretty great too.
I'll spare you the paint illustration.

There's so many possibilities when you own your own home!
I can see how it would be easy to cross from "Oh, we could do this...!" to "We should probably do something about this..." and loose the fun.
Hopefully we can hold onto our enthusiasm and just have fun making this place our own and adding to its value a bit at a time.

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