Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life Lately

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different."
- C.S. Lewis

Yes, Mr. Lewis, it is SO funny!

Our oldest, Sweetums, is turning into this little woman-child learning to use the potty and helping me at every opportunity.

Peanut, our second, is talking and asking and goofing (and have emotional upheavals) at every moment.

Our little boy, Pumpkin, is growing and surely getting bigger with help from boosted calories and a First Steps therapist.

Our beautiful church is getting more and more beautiful and loving every week.
It been a gift to watch it grow and evolve in this past year of changes.

Some things on the horizon:

Adam's parents will be moving away soon.
Chris accepted a job in Noblesville, Indiana.
It only two hours away but it's sad that their home will be bought by someone else, they will be leaving our church, and they just won't be as accessible to us.
We're close to his parents and they have been so supportive and helpful as our family has grown.
It'll be hard not having them right down the road.
But you better believe we'll be packing up our overnight bags and heading to their new place often.
And of course it'll be a blessing to see what else God uses them for in this new place.

Our adoption process is trucking along.
It's a little complicated where Pumpkin is concerned, but one day (Lord willing, this year) it will be done.
What a wonderful day that will be for sure.

All in all, the weather has come into full on Spring mode and of course we are loving it.
This house we bought is right down the road from our favorite park and we practically live there in nice weather.

My favorite way to end a post is in praising God for who He is and the work He does that is obvious all around us.
This Easter, if you haven't already, it is my deepest desire that you would know His goodness and love.
His Son Jesus died on the cross then ROSE AGAIN (like, from the DEAD!) so you could have that life-giving relationship with God.
Believe and follow Him.
You will NEVER regret it.

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