Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kids Wreath for Autumn

 The girls and I wanted to do something to bring fall to our house so I threw together this so very simple craft in, like, 5 seconds.

You'll need:

  • a paper plate for each
  • crayons/markers/anything to color with
  • glue
  • pretty paper
  • scissors
  • yarn, ribbon, or string to hang your finished wreath with
  • not pictured, but I also grabbed some twigs from our back yard for more texture

First, cut the center out of each paper plate.

Have the kids color their wreath forms. 
Encourage them to fill up as much white space with color as they can.

While the kids color their wreath forms, you can cut out a bunch of "leaves" from the paper. 
I just free-handed each one but if you'd like to make a stencil you could.
Of course, if you have older kids who can handle scissors, they could do this step themselves. 

Once everyone is done coloring, cover the form in glue. 
I also did this step for my little girls and they were happy to follow along pressing on their paper leaves and twigs.

For anything that didn't seem to be attached very securely, I went over it with the rubber cement glue we used and it dried clear. 
Once all the glue has dried, tie some string around it and hang it!

As promised, so simple and it's a good way to let your kids help transition their home into a new season. 
Plus it's just nice to do something fun like this together. 
I wish we did it more. 
This one was a winner for us and I hope your kids like it too. 

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