Monday, August 15, 2016

Two Projects

I'm not sure both of these can really be called projects.

Both both were ideas that had been pinging around in my head for a while and I finally got them out into our real world.

First (and the least worthy of being called a "project) was reorganizing and writing on labeling my daughters' dresser they share.

 My girls are fourteen months apart in age but are now wearing the same size clothes.
Until recently, they each had two drawers for their own clothes in a small four drawer dresser.
This was becoming a silly solution because I would want a shirt for one but but it would be stored in her sister's drawer.
I was constantly opening and closing drawers over and over again to find this one top.
Easy solution: combine 'em. Duh.
Now everything is completely shared.
Of course, let's take the accessibility to the next level and write all over label the drawers so it's easy for sitters and grandparents and dad to find what the girls need.

For the labeling I just used a chalk marker.

Inexpensive, fool proof, and easily wiped away. 

Of course I embellished a bit with it too. 
Go crazy!
Remember: it wipes away. 

Next on the docket....

An honest to goodness project that I am so stoked is finally done!

We had this nice blank wall in our living room that would be a perfect place for some snapshots.
So after looking around for some inspiration, I landed on this idea from

I ordered a bunch of my favorite shots of this summer as 4x4's from Shutterfly.

Then I found some sturdy branches in our yard (one for a top support and one for a bottom), trimmed them to 3 feet long, and painted them white.
I taped each to my kitchen table 3 feet apart and strung them with copper wire.

Once I hung the structure, I attached all of my photos somewhat randomly to the wire.

We're all in love with the finished product.
And I really like that the pictures can easily be switched out for new ones.
I'd like to get a photo box to keep close by to store the removed ones.
It would be fun to flip through those.

It feels so good to get some stuff done.
This has been a full, fun summer and that has meant that home things have been kept to a minimum.
But I'm starting to feel the pull towards fall.
I'm wanting to prepare our space and things for the seasons to change. 

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