Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sunday Mornings

It's Saturday night and I know I have a Sunday morning to tackle ahead.
Uh duh, Kensie.
Sunday comes after Saturday.....always.

For any family who goes to church but has a parent that works Sundays, you know it can be a beast that needs taming.

My husband is a pastor and is up and out every Sunday morning by 7.
This leaves Mama in charge of getting the three kids up, dressed, fed, in the the car, and in the church building.
I feel pretty good about the routine we've got going but I started looking around tonight for some fresh tips, any new ideas that would make our machine run even a little bit smoother.

You know what I found?
Not much.
I love a good how-to or a new way to step up the game.

Because that's kind of how I think of it: like a game.

(She cute)

So here's our game plan:

Adam is up and out by 7 every Sunday like I said.
He leaves after kissing me which is usually my wake up call (not a bad way to start the day).
I try to really get myself going at this point, take some time to get a cup of coffee and to focus on the Lord, the reason we live this ministry life.
If I'm honest, sometimes I just snooze for another 20 minutes.
(Shame, shame, I know your name)
I get myself totally and completely ready between 7:30 and 8. I never shower in the mornings so that helps.
I use the next 15 minutes to gather everything we'll need for the day and get it into the car.
This includes a very simple breakfast for my girls, a bottle and lunch for my boy. and diaper pouch.
Next, I get my boy up, dressed, and sit him in his highchair with cheerios while I get the girls dressed and groomed.
By 8:30 we are headed to the car.
We get to church a bit before 9 and I sit with them all while the girls eat breakfast and I give my boy his bottle.

So that's it.
I keep it bare-bones to minimize messes that need cleaning up or getting myself frazzled.
Sometimes it doesn't go so smoothly.
Sometimes someone wants to wear tights, someone poops, someone has to use the toilet, someone can't decide between the black heels or the knee high boots (my bad).
But 97% of the time it works.

I think the most important part of this routine though is focusing on the Lord alone in your heart at some point before you walk into corporate worship.
Like I said, every once in while I can slack on making that moment happen.
And sure it may not wreck a Sunday. but I am more in tune with the Lord and feel more secure if I've centered myself on Him.
If you don't keep Him as the priority of the day, it will become just another day full of obligations.
That easily opens you up to bitterness and acting like a martyr. Not cool. I've been there.

I love to see how other families pull off a busy morning with lots of kids and maybe only one grown up in charge.
Please share!
Just hit on the comments link below.

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