Thursday, October 20, 2016

Taking a Walk

Lately I've been trying to take walks as often as possible.

Sometimes it's alone at 7 in the morning before all the sleepy heads are up.
Sometimes I take a kid or two (one on my back, one in a stroller).
Sometimes I sneak out after dinner with heavy handed hints about how much the kids need a bath like I did tonight...

It's been a nice thing to fit in here and there for a breather.
Time to think, pray, and soak in the changing air.
Sometimes I like listening to a book as I go.

So far I've listened to Give Them Grace (loved it), Steve Martin's Pure Drivel, The Blue Tattoo, Bear Gryll's auto biography Blood, Sweat and Tears (favorite!), The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God, The Lifegiving Home, several books of the bible, and right now Hands Free Mama.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears by Bear Grylls was my favorite (other than the bible, duh).
I love the adventure and hearing about the stuff he's conquered is fascinating.
He gives all the glory to God.
It's always good to hear people's testimony about what God has accomplished in their lives.
If my life was completely different and I didn't have my beloved husband and cool kids I like to think that I'd be a hiker and do big backpacking trips.
Maybe not on Grylls' level but that kind of life always looks good to me.

But in the life God has blessed me with, for now, I walk.
Usually I walk along the road and pass by the park
Then I circle around and head home the long way through our neighborhood.
I love walking in our neighborhood.
It's an old one with tons of old, original homes built in the early 1900's.
There are a lot of homes that really aren't that big but have tons of style.
I love when there's a ton of charm packed into a small, well-kept house.
Some keep it pretty classic and traditional.
A few are quirky but they make it work.
I never get tired of oogling each one of them as I pass by.

I'm starting to feel the press to get as much walking in as I can before the temps really dive.
Even then, I can see plenty of snow walks in my future. 

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