Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

This year is the first year our kids were able to get into trick-or-treating.
At ages two and three, they were STOKED about being able to dress up in special costumes (even if they weren't store bought) and getting as much candy as they could.

Girls after my own heart.

Now I've got some pictures to share but I just want it to be known that it is getting SO old that we still cannot share faces yet.
Their faces are the best part!
Little goofy smiles, apple cheeks, and shiney, smiling eyes.....
Just letting you know, you're missing out.
But soon.....very soon.....things will be changing.....

But back to it.

Thumb in mouth from the get-go

All three kids dressed up as care bears.
We went to a friend's baby shower a month ago which was care bear themed.
The girls LOVED it and have been into the cartoon ever since. 
I knew it would be so easy to whip up costumes from things they already had plus a couple inexpensive bits from a second hand shop.
The finishing touch was painting on heart shaped noses on their own noses. 
Sweetums usually led off with "Look at my nose!" at each house. 

Right after dinner, we started off walking around our neighborhood while it was still light out. 
Then we drove around to a couple friends' homes and ended with stopping by my mom's work to see her. 
By then, even though it was only a little after eight o'clock, our little baby bears were beginning to sugar crash from their steady stream of suckers and mm's. 
Pumpkin had wiped out before we even got to see my mom. 
It was time to wrap it up and head home.

Once everyone was tucked in, I took the opportunity to safety check the kids' booty and also maybe skim off my own commission (especially when it was in the form of a KitKat bar mmmmmm).

I loved seeing all my friends' kids on Instagram in their great costumes.
So fun.

I'm not going to get into what a Christian can or cannot do when it comes to Halloween. 
As Christians we are 100% free in Christ.
But not all things are God honoring or even beneficial to ourselves. 
Therefore, I believe what a family does in relation to Halloween is between the family and God. 
I read an article recently that helped me think about it anew.
And that's all I have to say about that. 

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