Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Fulfilling Kind of Busy

How lame would it be for me to open this long delayed post by claiming how BUSY life can be?

Well guess what: I'm just that lame.

It is SO busy.
But like the awesome, wonderful, please-don't-ever-stop type busy.
(Just kidding. I like a coffee break now and again)

Our family and home life is incredibly fulfilling.
Adam and I continue to make a hobby out of updating our cool little house.
The kids are constant sources of fun, silliness, challenges, and joy.
And we as a couple are learning to work as a team and love each other more deeply with every passing year.

Our ministry life continues to be a source of intense blessing and challenge.
God has done much this past year or so to update many physical spaces so they can serve the congregation better.
There have been so many lives touched by intense pain and joy.
Watching God be glorified in their lives despite all circumstances is......out of this world.
Deepening relationships with those we serve alongside is sustaining and a pleasure.
Deepening relationships with those we serve is joyful.

Perfect? No.
Easy? No.
Faultless? Certainly not on my part.

But I can easily, honestly say I am a blessed woman with no complaints.

This summer did dawn though with unexpected needs for our son.
He's had a variety of issues that have just caused him to be quite a bit off the normal track of development for babies.
Given this we've done all we can to provide developmental support  and search for any information to help him including testing, an MRI, therapy, and nutritional support.
We found out that he had cataracts and have spent a large amount of time getting those removed from each eye.
That should all be wrapped up by the end of August.
From there we'll continue to provide developmental support to help our guy be all he can be.

This past month, we were able to achieve termination of parental rights from our son's birth parents.
This means that we are officially on the path towards adopting him.
I keep joking that we are paper pregnant, expecting a nearly 3 year old little boy sometime next year! ha!
Obviously we couldn't be more thrilled.

I highly doubt that this will be the end to our adoption through foster care journey.
We're excited to see what God does with the size of our family.

This fall, we'll also begin our school journey.
Our oldest girly, Larissa will start preschool at our nearby public elementary school.
We can't wait to see what the Lord teaches her there and how He uses her experience to bring Himself honor.

Kenna just turned three.
All she wanted anytime someone asked was two watches :D
I'm looking forward to some more time just with Kenna as Larissa goes off on her own adventure.

Looking forward, I'm just hopeful and excited.
I love watching our days and troubles unfold and seeing God meet our needs in unexpected, delightful ways.
He really makes life where there was none.
Every day brings new emptiness and need.
He just rushes in to meet every need, every sin, every hunger with more love, more wisdom, more truth, more beauty......more of Himself

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