Thursday, July 27, 2017

Homey Morning

This morning was like, great.
In a very basic, nothing going on, just room to do stuff and do NOTHING kind of way.
My family needs mornings like that.
I need mornings like that.

Usually when I wake up and before I get out of bed (sometimes even the night before) I try to pick a big goal for the day.
Our day needs a focus.
That's my trick for making sure we (my three very young children and I) stay active and productive but in a balanced way.
During colder months, my pool of choices usually include doing all the laundry, visiting the library, getting groceries, going to a fun thing like the children's museum, keeping an appointment, walking to the park, visit with friends, or going to a women's bible study.
During warmer months, I choose from many of those plus swimming, going for a hike, walking to a favorite creek to splash in, picking through yard sales, or spending the day with friends.

I pick one and only one focus to take up the bulk of our day.
While we go about doing whatever I've focused on, we do the daily little necessities and homemaking stuff as I go and as I have the energy/motivation.
Things like picking up, doing the dishes, special projects, organizing, etc.
I follow no cleaning schedule or anything.
Never could seem to stick to one.
But things get done as I notice it and it seems to work for us.

So with all those options, life is so not boring.
And I believe that staying reasonably busy is a blessing to both my kids and me.
It teaches them how to be part of our community, giving me tons of opportunities to teach them how to simply do life.
I'm comfortable taking my kids pretty much anywhere on my own because we all know what to expect from each other.
It's good for me to stay occupied whether it's inside or outside our house because I can tend towards the couch potato life......

But some days like today, it's a treat to get up slow, eat an easy breakfast, stay in pj's, and just be together.

No appointments.
No people.
No expectations.
No car.
No hustling.
No time constraints.

Thank goodness for getting stuff done but thank goodness for cozy-chill-stay-at-home days

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