Wednesday, August 9, 2017

School Prep

This year the Conners will be beginning school life.
Public school life to be specific.
Larissa will have her first day of preschool in just a few days.

We are all thrilled for her!
She's a powerfully creative little girl who doesn't miss or forget much.
School will give that growing brain of hers good things (and maybe a few not so good things) to munch on.

There have been so many ways to prepare for this new and exciting time.

She picked out a new backpack with her birthday money at a local second hand store.

She also got to pick out a new dress for the first day of school.
I found a nice little lunch box in the $3 bin at Target, a set of compartment sandwich boxes, and a thermos bowl for keeping oatmeal (L's favorite) warm. 

Plus there was a short list of classroom supplies like dixie cups and hand sanitizer. 

As we collected these items here and there over the summer, I knew a new way of doing our mornings was going to be needed. 
Adam and I are AWFUL at keeping any kind of morning routine or getting up before 8.
Seeing as how our little lady has to be at school by 8.....well that's not going to work.
So a new ideal routine was scratched out on paper and tacked to the fridge.
Don't be impressed. 
I'm still not getting up before 7. 
Adam has set a higher (or rather earlier) goal for himself.
Larissa will be packing and eating breakfast at school every morning so that will eliminate one hoop for her to jump through before leaving. 

Along side these practical preparations, we've been preparing our hearts: 
Talking the experience up to Larissa and her siblings. 
Telling her how much fun she'll have but it will also be work. 
Talking about new friends and teachers and rules. 
Talking about safety issues and when she needs to tell mommy and daddy or her teacher right away when she doesn't feel safe. 
Making sure she knows her full name and her parents full names. 
Taking her to play on the playground.

A lot. 
Praying about Christ pulling Larissa to Him through all her experiences. 
Praying that we would have wisdom and discernment to help guide her through this out-of-home experience.
Praying that she would remain her sister's best friend. 
Praying that He would bless her as she learns with a willingness, curiosity, and joy. 
Praying that He would use Larissa to bless those around her like He does for us.
And countless other places where we desperately need Him. 

The big day will dawn soon and then fade into a new monotony of a new normal. 
But for right now, I'm just enjoying walking down this new path with this precious little one.

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