Friday, August 11, 2017

Off To School She Goes

It's official: we have a preschooler on our hands :)
Hahaa! I know I'm just another mom making a HUGE deal out of something very, very common.
Kids go to school. Duh.

Yea but MY kid has never gone to school.
The most common thing can become the most significant thing when it finally happens to you and yours.
Starting school is no different.

So last night, the five of us got our act together and headed down the street to check out Larissa's new school.
McKinley was just as into it because she'll be there herself in just one short year.

The first thing in the door was a sand table and the girls were completely absorbed by that while Adam and I got to talk with the teacher and her room assistant.
What a couple of sweet, kid-loving ladies.
Plus they both love the Lord.
We talked a little about academics but mostly about life stuff.
In that short discussion, I left feeling over the moon about the year I could just tell Larissa was in for.
We pushed the girls away from the sand table to take a quick look around the classroom noting the cool toys, small tables and chairs, a reading rug, and kid sized pottys in the bathroom.

We ended the night with some ice cream at Baskin Robbins with these (ahem) *special* kids....

Then it was home for baths, books, and bed!

Getting Larissa up for school will happen earlier than we normally have gotten up. 
It's rare that we all ever get up anytime before 8. 
So 7:30 came and the little scholar fought wake up time a bit. 
Once she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and remembered what today was she was up and at 'em.

 *sigh* *tear*
Sweet baby. 
She's an adventure. 
One of my favorites. 

Then it was off to school with Daddy...

I love that part!
I love living close enough to walk.
We may not always 100% of the time walk, but it's a favorite option.

Kenna and I walked together to bring Larissa home when it was time.
She was a fountain all the way home.
Then was immediately tired and ready for our lunch, cartoon, and nap routine.

All is silent as I type.
The blessings just keep flowing.
We are so thankful for this new chapter and are looking for God's leading as we meet new families and kids.
I'm so thankful for a teacher I can trust to teach my child.
I'm thankful to be able to walk with our kids there and back.
I'm thankful for Larissa's sweet heart and mind.

It's been a good day.

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