Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Miraculous Paint

The first summer we lived in our house, I painted our kitchen a minty green color. 
Except it was a little stronger on the green side than I was going for. 
In my mind I saw something almost white with just a hint of cool green. 
Instead it was quite a bit more saturated. 
It made our cabinets look pink by contrast. 
At night the walls became a peculiar glow-in-the-dark type green under the ceiling lights. 

O well. 

I carried on, slapping the paint on the wall and getting it over with. 
There were many more important things to worry about at the time than getting the shade *just right*. 

This past year the itch to get it right got real. 
As a maker of the home we live in, I am in the kitchen A LOT.
As a very visual person who gets great satisfaction from a beautiful space, the off-tone was getting to me, becoming a real irritation every time I passed through. 

After finally living with the wrong color long enough, I started thinking about what paint color would make my eyes the happiest for the longest. 
I didn't want to be in this spot again any time soon if I could help it. 

After waffling around a bit, I decided on white, a warmed up white like my favorite flavored coffee cream. 
The can said your basic Vintage White. 

One evening a few weeks ago when Adam was out, I gathered all my supplies and jumped to work.

Our kitchen is small enough that I was able to get it all done within an evening and morning of work. 

Several coats and a few Netflix romantic comedies later, I'm in love!
It's insane how much a coat of paint can make it or break it. 
Our kitchen feels so much more united with the rest of the house.
It even elevates the cabinetry and worn counter tops (which will hopefully be getting switched out as soon as we can wrap our heads around it).

So fresh and so clean.
So much better. 

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