Saturday, June 2, 2018

Summa' Time!!!!

It is officially summer!!
Wooooo hooo!

Larissa had her last day at school on Thursday

The school year has been so good on so many levels.

Larissa had such a growing experience getting to go to school every morning.
She made a lot of developmental progress and we all got to make a sweet connection with her teacher.
She left preschool just so excited for kindergarten.
She's actually having a hard time understanding the big summer break between the end of this school year and the start of the next.
I think she may still believe she's going to kindergarten on Monday.

McKinley and I enjoyed some more focused time together.
Malachi has made HUGE strides in his understanding and growth.
Our whole family benefited from the structure that comes with school of course.....but I am 100% excited about throwing that structure out the window for a couple months.

I surprised all of the kids by taking them swimming at Shakamak state park right after we picked L up from school.
We packed a lunch, threw on our suits, and hit the road.

I kiss on my kids.... a lot. 

We were all surprised to run into some friends there too.

Eventually some clouds rolled in and we had to roll out but it was our favorite start to what promises to be a memorable summer. 

Details to come... :) 

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