Saturday, August 4, 2012

The big 2-2!

Yay! I've been alive 22 years!

I had a wonderful birthday today.

Adam kicked it off with a yummy chocolate chip pancake breakfast.

 He bought me flowers, made an oh so very funny card, aaaaaaaand.......

bought me this sleek new camera! 
He mentioned he wanted to but I didn't think he actually would!

The old camera didn't really catch things they way they looked in real life. 
Everything was always slightly grainy and darkened. 
My new camera is touch screen and each 
picture looks like the subject really does. 
Crazy, I know. 

Then we hopped back into bed for a lazy Saturday. 
(He's so goofy)

My parents took us out for dinner then back to their house for cake.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

And finally, my birthday song sung by my brother....
who barely knew what he was doing. Ha! It is. Tha. Best!

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