Friday, September 14, 2012

Berlin photo bomb #1: Getting there

I took about 400 pictures on our trip to Berlin. Ready?..... just kidding. I thought I would just post a few installments to document our trip.

Airport in Detroit. whoopty doo

We had our longest layover in Amsterdam.

3 hours to be exact.

Me after 10 hours on an airplane and 22 hours of not sleeping

Me and Kristen, plane # 3 taking us into Berlin

Coming into Berlin

We picked up train to take us closer to our first hostel

Huge...... and intense

Our first meal in Germany

the ever present (and cheap) doner. Stands that sell these are every where.
They're like New York's hotdog stands...... except better
A doner is a large roll sliced in half and filled with grilled vegetables and roasted lamb meat.
You have to hold it with two hands......yum-o

I was crazy and forgot to take pics of our first hostel. It was cool though.

Gosh there's just so much to say about this trip. Hopefully over these next few installments I'll be able to communicate how it has impacted me and capture the memories. 


  1. Looks so awesome! Love the pictures (you look ridiculously good for being up for 22 hours!) and the picture of the two guys in glasses is great, I bet their goof balls.
    I can't wait for more!

    Also, what is it like being in a foreign country? Were many things in English? It seems like it would be completely overwhelming!

    1. Yea they are Matt and Travis and they are super goofballs :) As far as the language thing, most people could speak some English. It was just SUCH a relief when we got back to America and we could understand and be understood by everyone. While it was a priceless trip, it felt so good to be home back in our own country.