Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello dolly

I was web browsing yesterday and followed a link to the toy store,  The Land of Nod. They have so many wonderful toys and things. Everything is super artsy and lovely and...... expensive. Cha-ching. I came across the doll section and just loved these rag doll type dolls. again, cha-ching. Of course I was like I could make that! So I did. 

Here is the inspiration doll. Sweet right?

So first I cut out all my fabric pieces from an old pillow case. 
(btw, I only used materials I already had. This doll was free.)
I hand sewed all the peices together.
 I have a machine but it's a little under the weather plus
 I like doing something like this while we watch a movie or something. 
After sewing all the pieces together, the dear needed a dress. 
I made one from a sleeve of an old sweater = 
striped maxi dress with a cowl neck. Adorable!
The hair was kind of tricky.
I made a pony tail style out of an old sweater tied with a bit of green yarn.
I love the flowy-er dress on the inspiration doll but I think I'll save that for later.

After stitching on a face with some felt and thread, she's looking lovely.

I absolutely love the way she turned out and I saved $128 by making her myself. She'll be a great addition to the toy box I'm putting together for our house.

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