Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The view from my chair

Good morning. 
I'm just enjoying this fine morning as best I can. 
I don't have class today till noon and don't work till 6. :)
So the view from my most comfiest chair is pretty rosy right now. 

I'm flipping through this stack National Geo's I found for $1.26. 

Henry's chasing his tail all over the living room.
Little nerd. 

Yesterday I found some valentine's day goodies at Dollar Tree: 
robot valentines (for the youth group) and a 9 ft felt heart garland. I bought 2.
That mug was a Valentine's gift from Adam a couple years ago. 
He gave me that and a coffee maker. 
Loved it. 
Love him. 

And these Valentine's are so cute right?
I snatched them up while I was checking out. 

So yea the view from my chair this morning is good.

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