Wednesday, January 30, 2013

untitled #?

I'm on my 4th week of training to run 20 minutes straight.
So far I can run about 5 minutes (if I push myself) without having to slow down and catch my breath.

Honestly, I'm mostly excited about the fact that I'm still going.
I hate that I get into that cycle of getting excited about something, doing it full out for about a week or two, and then just losing interest and giving up.
I can change that life pattern and I intend to.

So, yea take that, bad-life-pattern.

Today I had a class get cancelled.
I'm foreseeing going to to the one class I have then hunkering down at some coffee spot to work on homework.
Then we've got youth group tonight (yay!).
And to be honest, I'm feeling the urge to shop (do you get that?) but I refuse to let myself.
Don't need anything.

So here's to a running, class-going, homework-doing, no-shopping, youth-grouping kind of day.
Wish me luck.

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