Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 18th

Which was a Friday.
I knew it was going to be a full one but wow..... was it full.
Here's a run down.....

Picked up my check from work and got a coffee while I was there.
Got to wear my vintage red suede vest I found back in the spring. 
I consider the musty smell emanating from it character...

 From there I headed to Walmart to pick some things up for the nursery re-do at church.

While I was there I had to fess up and 
pay for a tube of lipstick I stole on accident.
The thing kept falling out of my cart through the bars,
Even while I was putting it in my pocket I kept thinking,
 "Got to remember this is here, got to remember."
I didn't remember.
But it's all right now. 

Got through Walmart and on to church.

I picked up a couple of these cube shelves and put them together.
Frustrating but it happened.

And here's one in all it's toy-bearing glory. 
Also check out the paint job.
I'll put up a good before and after post when it's all finished.

Then somehow, Adam and I made 
time to go to this year's covered bridge festival.
It's a HUGE thing around here. 
We're not nutso about it like some people are but 
we like going at least once and getting some of the fair food and looking at antiques.
Correction: I like looking at antiques.
Also hand crafted goods.....

Came across these colorful woven baskets.

Also a pottery booth. 
The woman had a wheel and everything set up 
right there so passersbys could watch her work.
She was not there at this moment. 

Little forest etched into a still wet foot.

Also found this old brass coffee bean dispenser.
It was at least 2 feet tall, had a glass front, a knob that could 
cranked, and a spout to let the beans down.
So cool. 
Wish I had bought it. 

And of course the food....

Adam got a giant corn dog, I got a mountain of curled potatoes,

....and an awesome apple turnover pie.
Oh and don't miss the covered bridge in the background. 
Apparently that's what this is all for

Adam bought a sword for his sister's birthday.
(because she collects swords of course)

I bought a weird old wooden bow without a string for $5.
The guy said I could have it for $10. 
I put it down and walked away.
Then he said "ok $5 then."
That was fun.
I also bought some cold press soap and 
a cuff bracelet the woman just said I could have. 
That was really fun and sweet of her. 
Her name was Goodie

Then we headed back towards town and to Adam's parent's house. 

Some friends came over too.

I got to snuggle with this little guy.

And spend some time with one of my best friends.
Her name is Grace and she makes adorable babies. 
And she sings wonderfully and she is so sweet and sincere.
I love her.

It was a very good but busy day. 

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