Thursday, November 21, 2013

2013 Christmas Decor Inspiration

Even though I am trying ( I really am!) to enjoy Thanksgiving before rushing ahead to Christmas plans, it's turning out to be really hard to do.
I've spent the better part of this morning scheming for Christmas.

Just like for fall (click here) I plan to keep things subtle and natural (and cheap).
But I never really do the same thing every year.
Last year I made a whole bunch of tiny christmas tree terrariums (click here)

This year, I'm thinking stars, lights, and the words "joy to the world"
Is that a theme?
Probably not.
A very loose one at best.
But I'll just make sure those elements pop up here and there.

How about a 2013 inspiration board?
I do like a good inspiration board :)

Like I said, I'm loving stars and lights, but the cornerstone of the season Jesus Christ Himself.
Though I have so much fun making home special for the season, it really is/should be for our Saviour who lowered Himself to our level so that He and I, He and you, could be together.
I love celebrating everything with my earthly sweetheart, but my heavenly Sweetheart is what it's all for. 

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