Friday, November 22, 2013


I had a curveball thrown in my day yesterday.
It was just a chill day off around here.
I was spending the day ogling Christmas ideas, tidying up, and just hanging out.
Then I thought I would try to fix my broken sewing machine and sew up a rip in a pair of Adam's favorite jeans.

I got the machine up and going, got Adam's jeans fixed up, fixed another thing or two, and decided to sew up some new pillow covers.

Next thing I knew, I was ready to sew the first seam, the machine went too fast, and my finger found itself with a needle through it.
There was no pain, I just couldn't believe what had just happened.
I sat there in shock for a bit just looking at my impaled finger still held by the machine.
Then the freaking out started.

I was able to get a hold of Adam, he took me to the ER, and after being asked 5 different times all my information (good thing a hadn't chopped off my HAND or something, jeez), they finally numbed my by then very painful hand.

They removed the needle and sent me home.
It's not very painful anymore, just a cool story.

Would you like to see a picture?
Look away if you're squeamish but other wise....


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