Thursday, December 12, 2013

My day off

I usually have Thursdays off.
It's nice to have at least one day off that I can plan on each week.

Though we have Youth on Thursday nights, I spend the rest of the day either doing or not doing what needs done. :)
This is the day I spend doing time consuming tasks like planning my grocery list, going grocery shopping, deep cleaning tasks, projects I'm working on, or laundry (which reminds me: I have a load to fold that I forgot about, oops)

Today, I:

  • Walked Max
  • Started laundry
  • cleaned
  • wrapped presents (call me crazy, but I LOVE wrapping presents)(maybe I'll do a post on that...)
  • chilled out
  • met Adam and one of our graduated girls for lunch at J Gumbo's (SOOOO good)
  • stopped by a couple of my favorite thrift stores 
  • forgot about the laundry I started
  • zoned out on the pinterest-s :)
  • decided to do a blog post about my not-very-exciting-but-super-good-day
It's just nice to sit, keep warm on this VERY chilly, 10 degree day, enjoying our tree, and a cup of cocoa

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