Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fostering Update: before the 1st class

I first talked about beginning the fostering process back in December (read it here)

Well, it's a month and 1/2 later.
We've submitted our application and signed up for the first of 3 classes.
That class is in about 2 weeks.

Those are the facts so far.

Of course, I mentioned in that first post that there would be plenty of emotions on this ride and I was right.
There are many emotions, the main ones for me being impatience and excitement.
I am just ready to DO this!

I am having a hard time keeping myself from over planning and over talking the issue.
All I want to do is set up a nursery, buy the equipment, talk about every aspect with anyone who will listen, do whatever I can for the licensing process TODAY because I just want those babies.

But anytime I take a breath and look to see what Jesus and my husband has to say, it's calm down.
Whatever will happen, will happen in God's timing and not before.
And not after either.

God has not even promised me that I will actually be a parent.
He says He has given me Himself.
And with Him comes a hope and a future.
Though He knows the details, they are a mystery to me.

Another sobering thought is that for me to receive a child, that child must have gone through a hurtful and traumatic situation to be removed from their family and placed into mine.
That definitely turns my focus a little more outward.

My impulse is to nest and to gather and to pin every fostering tip I can, but He is calling me to rest and trust in Him.
He's calling me to prepare my heart for broken children.

Adam seems to be doing this, so maybe I should be asking him for a few tips.

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