Monday, October 27, 2014

Taking Care

I've noticed during times of transition, my eating habits go WAAAAAY down on the quality scale.
I go into some sort of eat to live mode and whatever is easy and quick goes in.
When I'm in some sort of big transition the stress of it---whether it be moving, a big trip, new babies, or whatever--- makes me almost completely loose my appetite.
Not much sounds good.
Except of course things like pizza, pasta, cookies, prepackaged foods.......
So I mostly either don't eat anything or I really badly.


It doesn't help that I have a super caring, wonderful husband who shows his care by buying me all the oreos and A&W Rootbeer I want.

So these last couple of weeks have been a prime example of this phenomenon.
This time around though I've actually been pretty aware of it and have kind of just let it be because.... just because.
There have been other things to worry about.
But as I start to feel my feet coming back to earth, I'm just as conscious about wanting to get back to better (maybe still not the best) habits.
I'm also noticing the effects of eating so crappy, those especially being bad skin and bad moods.

So this morning I ate breakfast!
That's a win right there.

Not only did I eat, but instead of the syrupy pancakes and coffee w/ flavored creamer that really sounded good, I had some yogurt w/ cinnamon + honey, a really good apple, and a big glass of water.

One thing I do think I do pretty well is drinking a lot of water. 
But I didn't until I started filling up this gallon pitcher and chilling it in the fridge. 
I'm much more likely to drink water when it's really cold and 
this way I don't have to deal with the ice. 

So here's to not letting myself eat only completely crappy 100% of the time.
Maybe only like 25% 30% of the time.

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