Saturday, December 20, 2014


Thursday afternoon, once naps were out of the way, we got down to some cookie making.

I used this recipe.....

.... and to be honest, I think it really is the best sugar cookie recipe, at least of any I've tried.

My helper was game so we just kind of jumped into it. 
She rolled and cut cookies and pulled up the extra dough. 
But mostly she just played with the flour on the counter top and on her hands. 

I know. Nothing to do with cookies but she's just so cute. 

These are the actual baked cookies.
They really are perfect. 
They kept their shape, they didn't turn super brown, and they're really tasty.
Also I don't have any cookie cutters. 
(I know right? How do I not have any cookie cutters)
I just used a top from a jar with a hole punched in so it would release the dough. 

I need to run to the store to get stuff for icing so decorating will have to wait for another afternoon.
I guess we can cross making Christmas cookies off our Christmas Wanna-Do List.... well, almost. :)

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