Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lightening Speed

I feel like our littlest, known on this space as Peanut, is just growing at lightening speed.
Like, not just in size but in ability. 

It's getting easier for her to sit up with less help. 
She's staying awake much more now through the day. 
She able to sleep from 7 pm to around 7 am with only a little snack at 5 am (to get those extra couple of precious hours).
It's nearly time to start her on solids. 
She's outgrowing her swaddler and being swaddled all together. 

When we first brought her home, that was the surest way to sooth her. 
Now she's bit by bit getting more comfy with having her arms out while she sleeps. 

She's babbling and making crazy noises which is weird because it makes me think she needs something but lots of times she doesn't.
She's just being a little noisemaker. :)
The two girls can actually play sweetly together when the conditions are right. 

It's the same with Sweetums. 
When we first brought her home, the sweet thing was still getting her bearings while walking. 
Now she's talking in garbly sentences and eating sandwiches whole and telling me when she has pooped. 

When did all that happen?

It just seems so fast.  
A baby is only a baby for such a tiny bit of time. 
Just when you've cleared the last hurdle, it's time to tackle the next. 

These last 7 months have been completely eye opening to me. 
I'm aware of a whole piece of life that I didn't know I didn't know. 
Sure I've had nieces and nephews and other little ones around me. 
But there's nothing like the intimacy of watching a person grow little bit by bit each day. 
I get to look back on pictures from mere months ago and just stare in disbelief that changes happen so quickly before my eyes. 
There's a morning and then a night, another morning, another night. 
Next thing you know, months have past like that. 
It's kind of scary. 

Everyone's telling moms to enjoy their little crazies while they're little. 
And if you're anything like me, your just replying "But how?! The minutes just slip through my fingers...."  
You can't hold on to the moment or the little body. 
It's all always changing and growing and becoming more. 

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  1. Oh I just loved this beautiful post. It's almost heartbreaking, but oh so beautifully true! I love the way your writing can express such to true emotion